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Employee Spotlight: Dustin Johnson, Director of Accreditation

By Cherie Reese

Dustin Profile PictureThis month I’d like to introduce Dustin Johnson, BBB Serving Greater Kansas City’s Director of Accreditation. Dustin started his career with the BBB in March 2004 as a sales representative for new memberships. One year later became our Retention Services Manager and in December of 2008 to his current position.

Dustin leads our accreditation department in obtaining support from businesses that meet and agree to BBB’s Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards).

Dustin manages a staff of five. His team garners new applications, retains existing accredited businesses, and provides additional leadership and assistance to the Operations team. Dustin also works closely with BBB’s vendors for sales and advertising to provide exceptional services to businesses within our communities.

Dustin was born and raised on a small farm in northwest Iowa. Today, Dustin often takes a few days off every fall to head back to the farm to help with harvest. After high school graduation, Dustin attended college and graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.

Dustin soon settled in the Kansas City area where he has lived for the past 21 years. Dustin is married to his beautiful wife, Renee. They have a lovely daughter, Kayla, who will soon be completing her education at the University of Kansas. In the past they’ve enjoyed supporting their daughter’s participation and achievements in pageants, dance and cheer activities.

Dustin now enjoys spending his spare time at the gym, playing in a men’s basketball league, working on home improvement projects and traveling the countryside. Dustin is also a big fan of the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas Jayhawks and enjoys watching sporting events on TV with his friends and family.

An interview with David Buckley, President and CEO of BBB® of Greater Kansas City

Author: Cherie Reese

David BuckleyDavid Buckley is the current President and CEO of BBB® of Greater Kansas City.  He was pretty much raised knowing all about BBBs since his father, Ray Buckley, worked at the BBB®  starting in 1946 and became President and CEO when his predecessor, Joe Burkhead, passed away in 1969. David would come to the office with his father many times to address the Bulletin on an old Addressograph machine, and started learning the ropes at 8 years old.

Young Buckley was put on the payroll in 1972, after college at K.U. being recruited and lured with the salary of $500 a month. His first official job at the BBB® office was to answer insurance inquiries on the phone. There were no computers to quickly look up information, so David went to the file cabinet, took out the files, reviewed the information, then read A.M. Best insurance reports to consumers.

Today, the first thing he does is turn on his computer and answer each of the 50-75 emails he receives so he can prioritize what needs to be done for the day.  David always greets his staff with a cheerful “Good Morning” as he walks into his office. During the day he can be heard talking to someone and laughing either on the phone or in person. Sometimes the staff is subject to loud music from the 60s and 70s when a favorite song strikes his fancy, but no one seems to mind. It’s just David in a nostalgic mood!

David said his greatest accomplishment was to stay in the same job for over 45 years.

He’s proud of the fact that the BBB® board voted to re-elect him year after year and that they had confidence in his abilities to run BBB® of Greater Kansas City.

Outside of work, his other greatest accomplishments are his 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  The oldest daughter, Tracy is a teaching assistant, tutor and with two children married to Dan, a department manager of Hallmark. Nathan is his oldest son also a computer programmer. He’s married to Melinda and has a 10 month old daughter. David’s 2nd oldest daughter is Tahlia, an organic farmer who loves raising ducks and is also a social worker. His other son is Nick. Nick is a flower shop manager and is going to school to be a construction engineer. He has no children yet but has 3 dogs and is married to Susie.

BBB® has been David’s life for over 45 years and he has now announced he will be retiring January 2, 2018 and is eager to start a new chapter in his life. David said “This is an exciting but a little scary time for me. I’m looking forward to traveling to the gulf coast and Phoenix to see a new-ish granddaughter of 10 months, laying on the beach reading and listening to music. I love rock and opera!”

David has a few hobbies that keep him busy and in good humor, like golfing, and he plays as often as he can. He played racquetball for over 30 years until his knees started giving him trouble.

David inherited good genes… he still visits and takes care of his father who is now 102 years old and resides in assisted living. David and his wife Jan bring him to BBB® luncheons to eat and visit with the staff.

I asked David what was the most interesting thing he learned working at the BBB® and he told me. “Things have changed so much but also remain the same. We’re still fighting fraud and we still ask consumers to use BBB® pre-sale instead of having to file a complaint after the fact.”

Meet the Staff of the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City

Author: Cherie Reese

This is a fine group of people dedicated to helping businesses and consumers. I’m proud to introduce our hard working staff! In the months to come, we will be spotlighting our team to let you know more about who they are, and what they do for the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City.

BBB of KC Staff

Front from left to right, seated front row:
Dustin Johnson, Director of Accreditation;
Cherie Reese, Vice President;
David Buckley, President & CEO;
Jennifer McGlothen, Community Relations & Charity Review.

Back row left to right:
Paul Nelson, Complaints Specialist;
John Sparks, Complaint Specialist, & Mediator;
Aaron Reese, Media Contact & Communications;
Kim Hale, BBB Sales and Retention;
Debbie Ellis, BBB Sales and Retention;
Jessica White, Operations Director;
Nikolas Reese, Customer Reviews & Complaint Specialist;
Astrid Rios, Complaint Specialist.